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I'm new to this forum and only signed up a few hours prior to this post,

I've got an idea for a new online game that will require a lot of work. But as stated in my introduction thread, i have the Business background behind me in order to make it a successful business.

I'm not writing the idea on here, just of the fact that it is too long. But the main concept of the idea will be 'Time'. Before you think it's some common game in space or mafia orientated, the answer is no. I'll go over the idea via a Skype Conference or MSN Voice Call (Or based in the United Kingdom, a Telephone call can be applicable)

This idea has been used as a Business project of mine for some time now during my post-grad study, and it's now time to put the plan into action, there has been a lot of time and thought put into this idea and all the user content and player methodolgy has been thought through and planned out.

There is a few roads that could be taken into consideration such as using a current game engine and going through a re-vamp in order to make it secure? or to take the long path and create a unique engine from scratch and use it to sell later on in the future? These are just other business plans that I have in mind for the future.

What I am ideally looking for is a team of willing programmers to contribute to this large scale project. Due to my lack of knowledge I'd consider my role as a Project Manager, but that is just to contribute my key aspect of business knowledge.

Before i carry on rabiting on, please post any queries that you might have in discussion to this post.



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First of all, welcome to the forums!

I think a lot of programmers would be apprehensive about contributing lots of their time to a large-scale project if you're only promising them a percentage of profits that may never come. Are you planning to fund the project yourself and pay the programmers as the work is done or you do you have something else in mind? Even if you have a great idea and lots of business knowledge, you'll probably have to pay the programmers an hourly or set fee rather than only an ownership stake or promise of future royalties. Another option is to learn to program yourself. Depending on the nature of your project, you may be able to learn enough programming in a few months of studying to begin working on it.

Some browser games are successful and some are failures, but business knowledge is usually not the determining factor in whether they succeed. It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into your idea which will probably be the more important than your business knowledge. I wish you the best of luck and please update us on your progress.

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