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[Help] Please read


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I need to know if there is any way to only allow one Host name (IE: bas1-kingston08-1167888401.dsl.bell.ca) per account. The reason i want this is because my game has been hacked. and we are safe from sql injections as far as we know, but yet they still obtain our passwords.

So what i'm asking is if anyone knows how to make it so staff can only login using ONE hostname, My host name would be


If you need a more detaild desc of this PM me and i'll see what i can do.

If someone is willing to do this pm me, there WILL be payment.

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Re: [Help] Please read

i'm looking for someone to supply the code, i wrote up a bit more detaild version...


"Through your ISP you have one thing in your what i call "host Name" That never changes.

my ip or w.e you would want to call at the moment [email protected]..

What i need is something to allow only ceratain Key words from the host name to login to the account.

if the words are not correct, you cannot login. Simple as that. I also want a function in the staff panel

to be able to change what is accepted incase a staff member moves or just wants to change his isp."

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