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Once again your post has no relevance as the whole point of my original post is to ask for tips to improve my Photoshop skills,

this template is not intended to be sold or w.e but if anyone would like to use it go ahead, my original post says the following:


If anyone has any tips/tricks they could give me i would be more than happy to take the advise.

So the point of this thread is me actually asking for help or any tips that could improve my skills.

Your original Post:


Why even bother to post a template that is using a copyrighted image? You cant use it which just leaves a basic login.

Is irrelevant as it's just criticism, and weak criticism at that, as I already mentioned the image is copyrighted by Mafia II.

And yet again:


Oh let me point out the relevance then.

You post a template which has an image of which you had no permission to use for others to download but with a disclaimer of which holds no weight saying its at their own risk.

Is it really that difficult to go find a free stock image?

Like I mentioned in the original post the image is copyrighted and like I said in the original post I want to learn to make designs therefore the real purpose of this thread is so that I can learn.

Please read through a thread before commenting, I don't need any smart-ass replies.

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