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Gang War --- Help Needed


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Here's what i have. I know that it's the INSERT function that's not working because i have separately printed the values i wish to insert, and they print correctly, so i think it may be my arrangement of the insert.


$warfirm=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM firms WHERE fID={$_GET['WID']}",$c);
$myfirm=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM firms WHERE fID={$_GET['ID']}",$c);

mysql_query('INSERT INTO `firmwars` (`f1id`, `f1name`, `f2id`, `f2name`, `wardays`) VALUES ('{$mf['fID']}', '{$mf['fNAME']}', '{$wf['fID']}', '{$wf['fNAME']}', '0'),$c);


I've tried endless variations of this code, but to no success, please help

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Re: Gang War --- Help Needed

It looks like you may be missing an end ' after the '0')

If that doesn't work, try this code.  I'm not making any promises but it's a thought. Again, you use a different query than I do.


mysql_query("INSERT INTO firmwars (f1id, f1name, f2id, f2name, wardays) VALUES ({$mf['fID']}, '{$mf['fNAME']}', {$wf['fID']}, '{$wf['fNAME']}', 0)",$c);
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