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Mafia Warfare


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The Gym

The main aim of the game is to train. And to become the best of course. You can view your current rankings by clicking gym. To view the Hall of Fame (top 50 for each stats) click Springfield or whatever city you are in and Hall of Fame.

There are 3 attributes in the gym:

Strength: This determines how much damage you hit on your opponent.

Defence: This determines how much damage you block from your opponent.

Speed: This determines who attacks first in a fight. (Higher Speed will attack first).

These stats can be boosted by items, buyable from the shops in the city or from the market.


Investing in housing is important and can be bought from the estate agent by clicking City. There are two estate agents and the one without RM only is the one you will be looking for.

Housing determines your awake. The more expensive/better a house is, the more awake you will have.

Awake determines how much you get per train. eg: right now if you click train you will get 10 stats. In a large caravan which has 8 times as much awake, you will get 8 times as much stats (80).


Leveling helps in many ways. Every level you gain, you gain an extra permanent energy, nerve (for crimes) and 50 hp. More energy will increase how much stats you receive/train. You can level by two ways: attacking higher level members and winning or by doing crimes. It is suggested that you do crimes or buy a house and train before attacking anyone to level.

Feel free to mail me or any of our staff if you have any questions. Have fun! Make sure you check the forums and socialise with other members of the game!



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