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Arcane Kingdom


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Good morning/afternoon/evening where ever you are!

If this is in the wrong thread or whatever then please move it to where it needs to be, rather than deleting it :p

Anywho, i'd like to give you the oppertunity to signup to our game Arcane Kingdom.

It does not use any of the MCCodes that most of you are familiar with and that may put you off.

We are quite small but i'm hoping to grow and grow as most games want. We have 200+ Members, to which around 60 of those login per day.

We are game with a difference, since we don't have energy. We have something known as the Wilderness, or you can Auto Fight. Meaning you can fight all day and night without the worry of running out energy and that way you can never fall behind and there is always something you can catch up too.

You can purchase weapons/armour or spells/cloaks if you are a Wizard which you get sockets to use and then you can upgrade these equipment pieces with bonuses.

You can also find other equipment in the Wilderness/Auto Fighter which you can not buy from within the game. These items also have rarity ratings. (Normal, Rare, Ultimate & Legendary).

There is alot but it's hard to explain it all in one forum post, so if you've got 5 minutes then come check us out.

I've uploaded a few images for you to look at.









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