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need some help


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this may be a stupid question but none of the mods add to the game, i follow all step but none of them add to the explore or anything?

What exactly do you mean?

It sound like you're asking why you can't see anything you've added just because you added it.

The answer to that is, you still have to go into your explore.php,index.php, etc. etc. and add a link to whatever page you're adding.

For example, let's just say you're adding a "Search The Streets" mod.

It's very likely the name of your file would be "streets.php."

So, you would open up your mainmenu.php. And, where all those links are, somewhere in between there, you would add something like this:

You're unable to view this code.

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Then, the link would show up in your navigation menu.

Is that what you meant?

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I think its time for you to start using some critical thinking, work problems out for yourself, and learn from them. MWG is not here to spoon feed you. Asking why modules are not adding to the game because your not providing a link to the page?

My suggestion is to try and learn how your code functions, go through the header.php, mainmenu.php, globals.php, global-func.php,mysql.php etc and see how they all interrelate, and whenever you come across an error, if its not blatantly spitting out a mysql_error for you to see what file and line number the error exists, copy and paste that error and google it, try to work it out for yourself, and if all else fails, then come to MWG. You might find when you put a little effort in yourself in terms of solving issues, that people would be more willing assist.

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Don't you think , he needs to go learn to code and understand what functions do what before he goes looking through pages of code that will just mean nothing to him

Go learn http://php.net

Yeah, apparently he's already done it... haha, in which case keez123, you should be able to understand why links are not automatically appearing for you when adding a module.

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