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Display problems with extra symbols (ü,ö,ä,è,ß.é)


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hi i have problems to display this symbols in the user part of ezrpg .

when i recive the db data back to display it under admin part he show me ö,ü,ä

and the same data in user part he show me ü,ö


what is diffrent under user and admin?

in the header i use iso-8859-1

in the db i found this ü,ö not ö,ü,

but in the admin part he translat me this ü from db to this ö in the tpl display why not in user part ?

pls help

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Smaller ones

õ - õ or õ
ä - ä or ä
ö - ö or ö
ü - ü or ü
š -   
ž -  

Bigger ones

Õ - Õ or Õ
Ä - Ä or Ä
Ö - Ö or Ö
Ü - Ü or Ü
Š -  
Ž - 

And some specials

& - & (ampersand)
< - < (less then)
> - > (grater then)


Hope it helps! Use those codes instead of the real letters...Should work! :)

Reason why it shows it so stranglely is that coding system works on english alphabet.

Edited by Helari
Edited my post since numeric code numbers were converted into symbol automaticly by this forum...
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