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[Request] Guild Module [Paid]


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What this Guild Module must include:

- create guild. Users can make their own guild.

- guilds list. A complete list of all guilds.

- guilds page. Guild Masters should be able to set up some pages for their guild.

- members list. A list of all members in the guild.

- recruting/join system. Should be accepted by the Guild Master.

- remove members. Guild Master should be able to remove members.

- guild aliance. Should be able to have alliance with other guilds.

- guild wars. Should be able to fight other guilds.

- guild leveling system. The guild should also gain exp and level from their users.

- guild info page. (for non members and for members only)

- members functions. Functions that members can do like: (add gold to guild bank, add diamonds to guild bank, leave guild, chat with guild, put things into the warehouse/storage.)

- guild tax system. It costs to have the guild, but should it costs to be in the guild? Modified by Guild Master.

- guild warehouse/storage. Also called a guild store.

- guild headquarter

I will need a lot of updates in future for this.

Which means more paid work for you.

Hope someone can make it.

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