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Jquery Problem

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Hello i have a problem with jquery ive made a modification and uses jquery for posting data to the server and returns data to user side if successful but the problem im having on he page i have values and after i post data to the db with jquery the values on the page dont change how can i make them dynamically change


Username: Admin

then say i change username to demo u have to refresh the page for the username to change so will be stuck saying admin when username is demo now

is there anyway to dynamically update that value with jquery without refreshing the page thanks.

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Make sure the code for the user name (used the same example as you) is something like:


Username: <div id="usernameid">$ir['username']</div>


Then when they change there name, it will be something like:


var newname = $("#newnameinputid").val()


This isn't tested, and was done on my iPad, so it may not work strait away, but it is a starting point.

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