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Fight Or Unite


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Fight or Unite is a Free Text based MMO Strategy Game set in the Present Day. You can develop your country, build an army, or attack your enemies and help your allies. We have tried to come up with a unique or uncommon concept of allowing players to create their own nation, which comes with real world responsibilities like making enough revenue to sustain your nation or protect it from enemies. We have tried to keep it authentic as possible like creating a Raw Materials section where players can Buy mines and Oil Rigs which they can sell for gold or use to create Residential areas for the people living in their nation which grows in population. We have also created an Army section where you can Train your troops to attack and steal resources from other nations which will also help you to level up faster and expand your nation. To create buildings such as Residential areas and Army camps Energy is also needed which can be made by Investing in solar panels and nuclear power plants. In fight or unite most of the features Like the Army camp and Solar panels will have to unlocked by earning research points which is given every time a player levels up, and it is up to the users to spend it in different areas such as Energy research, weapons research and many other types of research which unlocks different features. One other important aspect to fight or unite is its allies system where you can help to protect their nation from enemies or provide loans and trade resources to make sure that their nation is surviving. We also have added an Ajax notification system which sends messages and events in real time to their players without the need to refresh their browser. Fight or unite is still in its beta stage and we hope to add more features such as a tax system and profile rating system and lots more. We would appreciate it if you guys can sign up and provide feedback in areas that we can improve in Fight or unite. We have only been programming for a year so we are new to RPG gaming.

Website: http://www.fightorunite.com





Bobby (Business Adviser)




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