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Sig making 101

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ok...so this tutorial is way outdated(its been a couple years since I wrote it :|)...and I wanted to revamp it but..well I havent had time yet so I figured Id post it regardless , as some of the newer photoshop users will still find it helpful...


STEP 1...choosing your picture when looking for a picture to use in a sig bare in mind the colors and theme also *the better the quality the better the outcome*

STEP 2...open a new document whatever size you wish then fill it depending on my mood I either use black ,white or clouds (which can be found under filters/renders/clouds )


STEP 3...starting your brushing...make a new layer set blending mode to normal click on your brush tool set to soft


now start brushing in white or black depending on what you started out with with a brush you like (I would suggest finding some nice grunge and abstract brushes that you like)


now make a new layer this time change the layer setting to soft light but leave brushes on soft as well...continue to brush in both black and white adding depth


again make a new layer and again change layer setting this time to overlay but leave brushes on soft light ...continue brushing in black and white


and again another new layer this time change both settings to overlay..and still using only black and white..


ok you can continue this until you get your desired effects and feel free to play with settings on both brushes and layers....this is just to give you a general idea

STEP 4...adding your image . Ok soo youve chosen your image mine for this is


now you need to extract it ..ther are many methods but I will show you my way using the extract tool

go under filter and you should see a tool called extract click on it and your image will appear in a new screen


take the pencil and run along the outline I usually use a big brush size set on soft as this doesnt cut as solid a line and is easier to go back and fix also is good for cutting out hair

once done go back using your history brush and eraser to touch up edges..

Complete tutorial here on extraction is posted by me in this section ....

so now heres my image cut out and ready to resize and place in sig


its not perfect because I plan to blend it but you can get as good of edge as you like if needed by spending more time on it...

STEP 5... placing your image and blending..Ok so select all your image then go to edit/copy now click on your back ground and edit/paste it


once image is placed use eraser tool at a low opacity along the edges to blend it in...I usually zoom it in some for fine edges...

for this sig Ive left color on image but if you plan to go monotone just go to image/adjustments/desaturate..

STEP 6... Ok next step is coloring ..for this sig as I was going to use the colors in the dragon I made a new layer set on overlay and took my brush tool and selected colors off the dragon to brush on...I moved this layer under the dragon because I did want to change the dragons colors will brushing...


I will cover monotone coloring in a few minutes...

STEP 7... TEXT for this 1 Ill keep it fairly simple


(there was a reference here to a post on the old forum I had this posted on...I will write a text tutorial for this)This is only 1 style of text there are many soo really the best thing to do is search text tutorials and learn new ways for variety..


STEP 8...ok soo now youve got your basics all in place time to finish tweaking this and add a border...


click on the button Ive circled but make sure you are on top layer...using this option will make a layer that will effect any layers under it...the white box will appear showing you your option 1st 1 youll chose is color balance

here you can tweak your colors to exactly where you want them...also if you chose monotone this is where you will be adding your color

next click that button again when white box appears this time chose brightness and contrast and tweak them to where you like em

STEP 9... ok you are all done and want to frame your work...make a new layer for a 1 pxl black make it top layer use your single row marquee tool and color it in black ...



voila you have a finished sig...if you are wondering why my text is curved its because I i curved it when you click on the text tool your text options will show up click the curved line with a t on it for different option such as wave or flag....


well I hope this helps some ...and isnt too hard to follow feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer here

PS. PLEASE remember this is only for learning purposes and not to be reused

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