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SVRPG(Bleach Based RPG browser game)


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Hi everyone. I'm a rookie programer who's still learning, but I have written a few good scripts in PHP and MYSQL. I'm needing someone to take the "head programmer" position while I take the "assistant programer" , "Game designer" , "Story writer" positions. I have a artist working on original artwork already. I may need another artist but I'm unsure, but the "Head programer" is my main consern. I have a few codes written for SVRPG already. Anyone willing to help even if it's just helping me learn to program or becoming the head programmer. Either way if your interested in helping in anyway contact me. I'll try to keep a eye out here for mails and replies. also http://svrpg.forumotion.com/ Here's a simple forum I set up for SVR for now anyways.

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