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Quote for a few Jobs


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I am helping my client create a browser based game and i need a few individual quotes or a total quote for the following:

(Please quote by Batch or as a total)

Batch 1:

Securing all Exploits/Hacks & Fixing any Bugs in Mccodes v2.

Batch 2:

Coding a Bridge between mccodes and vBulletin (like tribal wars) so that if a user has an account on the game they can they can make an account on the forum only if they confirm their identity ingame (automatic connection user needs to confirm their password)

Batch 3:

Designing a template for the game (Ingame/Login/Register/Logos/Ad Banners) Template will be Medieval/Imperial age based

Batch 4:

Coding the Template into the Site (css/xhtml) and making sure it is cross-browser compatible.

Batch 5:

Coding the mccodes script so that a user needs to only register once on the main frame and then they can join individual worlds, each world would be it's own game in a sense.



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Batch 1: shouldn't be needed, but don't quote me on it.

Batch 2: isn't that hard to do, I'm assuming this is a game with 0 users, I would do up myself, but have no laptop

Batch 3: let's say starting from $100

Batch 4: should be included in batch 3, if not shouldnt b e too much, I'd advise someone like Peter for these two, batch 3 and 4.

Batch 5: would be different for each person, as each person would probably have different ways of doing this.

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