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(My service's) Android App developer.


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Hey guy's i am a developer on the google play market and i offer service's for other game owner's or people with website's e.c.t

i already have a few game's on my market like Thug battle,Street gangstas and mafia king's<<< Them games are for games i play.

i alsio have a couple of my own game's on there,If you want to get more members for your game let me no.

I charge a small fee of $5-$10 and your game will be on the market forever.


here is a link to my market:)






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Hmm, I just had quick look on the link you supplied, and have to say a few things.

1. The descriptions of the product you supplied, is bad at its best.

2. The images you provide are totally wrong. They show the web-browser experience, not the android one, and the screen shots themselves look very unprofessional. The text on the chats, messages, and display pictures are all totally wrong, and if I was a player looking to play one of them games, I would press the back button straight away.

3. How you can do that much java programming and only charge $5-$10, unless its not a native app and I'm getting confused here, but you are describing yourself as an android app developer.

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