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Kingdoms RPG 0.8.4 Released


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I've just made a new release of my browser-based RPG, Kingdoms. http://kingdoms-game.com/

To kick things off, there are two new item types, Amulets and Rings. Now you can load your characters up with even more enchantments. Standard FRPG fare, of course, but new to Kingdoms.

Also added is the new Priest spell "Farsight", which lets you scout any sector in the wilderness. It will reveal details of buildings, orbs, dungeons and creatures there, as well as the defences of towns. Extremely useful for recon before raiding a town.

Another addition is the 'Majesty' rating for kingdoms. This is calculated based on the kingdom's towns, parties, land and buildings. If one kingdom has the highest rating for 8 days running, they will be awarded the "Crown of Majesty"

Kingdoms is an online "persistent world" role-playing game like no other.

You control a party of characters who start as low-level novices, but - with your help - can become powerful adventurers, politicians or even monarchs!

Explore a rich and dynamic land that you (or your fellow players) can influence. Discover new towns, explore dungeons, fight all manner of foul creatures, conquer cities, construct battlements, and much more.

Check it out! I love to hear your feedback.

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