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Looking for an Investment Partner


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What I am looking for

- Professional partner

- An investment into my *unreleased* game

- Terms can be agreed privately via MSN or Skype

Brief Overview of Game

- Coded in PHP using CSS, HTML, Javascript

- MYSQL Database

- Template is basic and of neutral genre

- Text based

- Will be ready for release/beta-testing in one month *approx* (Can be Discussed)

- Already had 3 month testing online

- Fully functional forums

- Referrals system in-place

- Tutorial system

- Tasks to complete which rewards points (Keeps the user always busy)

- Friends system with opportunity to choose top 10 friends

- Throughout the game there is jQuery / Javascript

Why should YOU consider to invest

- I'll provide a changelog each week to show that I am working on the game each week

- Coded from scratch

- Uses prepared statements to access database

- Unique idea

- Potential ?

I know there is not much information about the game (Genre for example) but I will share more if you are interested.


Thanks for reading

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To add what programming languages used
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