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Gang respect bug, page refresh gives away respect.


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I've found a bug in the script, well at least mine. Where a player looses a fight and then

respect points for their gang. Well if the user were to refresh the page they can give away more

respect points to the winning gang. So its a way for Gangs to get cheap respect points.

I'm lost at how to stop stop this. Using sessions to stop a page refresh is not the answer.


Not sure if using the below would work.


$_GET['userid']=abs((int) $_GET['userid']);
if(($_SESSION['userid'] == $r['userid']) || $r['userid']<100)
die ("Don't refresh the page please");


Here is my attacklost.php below:


include "globals.php";

$_GET['ID']==abs((int) $_GET['ID']);
$od=$db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}");
print "You lost to {$r['username']}";
print " and lost $expgainp% EXP!";
$db->query("UPDATE users SET exp=exp-$expgain, attacking=0 WHERE userid=$userid");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET exp=0 WHERE exp<0");
$msg="{$ir['username']} Attacked you and lost!";
event_add($r['userid'],"<a href='viewuser.php?u=$userid'>{$ir['username']}</a> attacked you and lost.",$c);
$db->query("INSERT INTO attacklogs VALUES('',$userid,{$_GET['ID']},'lost',unix_timestamp(),0,'$atklog');");
$warq=$db->query("SELECT * FROM gangwars WHERE (warDECLARER={$ir['gang']} AND warDECLARED={$r['gang']}) OR (warDECLARED={$ir['gang']} AND warDECLARER={$r['gang']})");
if ($db->num_rows($warq) > 0)
$db->query("UPDATE gangs SET gangRESPECT=gangRESPECT+1 WHERE gangID={$r['gang']}");
$db->query("UPDATE gangs SET gangRESPECT=gangRESPECT-1 WHERE gangID={$ir['gang']}");
print "<br />You lost 1 respect for your gang!";
print"<a data-role='button' href='explore.php'>Back to Town</a>";
print "You lost to Mr. Non-existant! =O";
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Thanks, I didn't see there where updates this month!

Edit: Download the new update from my account,

Doesn't seem to find the issue? attacklost.php doesn't mention the cheaters don't get anywhere in an if statement?

          $war = $db->fetch_row($warq);
                   "UPDATE `gangs` SET `gangRESPECT` = `gangRESPECT` + 1 WHERE `gangID` = {$r['gang']}");
                   "UPDATE `gangs` SET `gangRESPECT` = `gangRESPECT` - 1 WHERE `gangID` = {$ir['gang']}");
           echo "<br />You lost 1 respect for your gang!";
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