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Looking for programmesrs and desingers for a new browser based RPG-Teressa Enro


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Teressa Enro

Game abstract:

Teressa Enro is a browser based RPG where players can fight one anoter, trade, do missions together and lots of other stuff.

This is my first project and I already have a small team, but we all lack expirience with making games and some of us lack the basick kwnolage of PHP and Java.

The game is a browser based RPG. It includes a few nations( classes) that are fighting one another or just doing simple tasks within there nation( finding people/stuff, helping someone get there job done, so normal things that are done in a city) or out side of the borders where they can just hunt animals for food or for material to sell/construct weaopns/armor, or even invade the other nation.

There are a lot of dungeons for those that dont wish to fight other players and a lot of missions and even a Boss or two( for now we planed one, but that might change).

(Some of the) Unique features:

This is a first RPG( that I know of) that will have a diferent town look, structure and gear for each nation, every nation will have something that helps them out during missions and fights but wil lbe balanced out. This will be a game whereplayers will be able to desade, wil lthe fight other players, do missions in town and just help out the other players by raising the towns funds or will they go out of the boarders and face every chalange the game has to offer.

Technology used:

We will use, as I belive I said, php and javascript.

Current development status:

All the game rules are writen, as well as the plot and the tech tree.

The 80% of the game is planed out, the 20% of it we will leave for the time being as we want to see in which direction the game will leades us as changas can be made.

My own skills and tasks in the game:

I'm not a great coder, however I'm willing to help with all what I can, beta test,

make the quality insurance, as well as the game design, content creation and system administration.

I'm also the one that thought up the game, with all it's plots, characters etc.

What I/we are looking for:

I really need an expert or at least someone good to help us with the programing and some that is really good with the graphics as we only have 2 people that know what they are doing with it.

Expenses will be covered by:

I will pay all the hosting, domain name as well as the html 10 coding. Later on as

we will make the purchase of sockets and shoes mandatory for level 2 and above,

I hope to be able to pay the bills as well as get some pocket money.

Current team:

Currently my friend and I are working on the data base, with 2 other programers starting from friday.

We only have 2 people doing the graphics and one will leave soon. 2 more programers are considering helping

Share / gain of the partners:

We will split the gain after all expenses are paid. 10% extra will go to me and the co-founder, the 90% we will split eaquly.

If you wish to stay and develop the game furter, you will get paid monthly from the % of the monthly gain.

If anyone is interested to help, and I hope a few of you are, you can reach me on [email protected]. Remember if you are interested in desining the game, please give us some of your creations( if there is any) and if you are a programmer some of your work( if there is any) the same goes for artist which we need for possible sound efects and similar stuff.

Within the E-mail please tell me a bit about yourself and how much time can you devote to this project, thank you.

Btw, I'm from Serbia(so GTM+1 time zone) 19 years old male. Been "working" with php and C for around a year( I know, not much and yes I'm still learning and it's the main reason for asking for your help).

So, one more time, contact info:

E-mail:[email protected]


Thank you for your time, I hope I will hear from at least a few of you.

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