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Item needed to perform mission


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Hello All

I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with the following.

I have added a new mission section to website were you have to add items to inventory to do missions.

When you purchase items in inventory i can do the Mission but as i have also added equip_tool to do mission.

But when i add the item to equipped item i get the following message ( You do not have the required item needed to perform this Mission.)

I have used the following below but its not working for me.

If anyone can help this would be great.

Thank You


$q=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM missions WHERE missionID={$_GET['c']}",$c); 
$qi=$db->query("SELECT inv_itemid FROM inventory where inv_itemid={$r['missionITEM']} AND inv_userid=$userid"); 
if($ir['brave'] < $r['missionBRAVE']) 
print "You do not have enough Nerve to perform this Mission."; 
if ($r['missionITEM'] > 0 && $n['inv_itemid'] != $r['missionITEM']) 
print "You do not have the required item needed to perform this mission."; 
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