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Custom Gang system taking bids


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Custom Gang System


Mod Status:Exclusive Licencing for my game (not to be sold traded or shared with anyone else.)

Availability: MCCodes Version 2.1 Highly modified

Licence/terms off use: Exclusive ownership by my game(s)

About the mod and how it works:


We are currently taking bids on a well developed, clean, and organized gang system that has multiple acts of war, Respect Point Benefits, and works with our currency system.

acts of war will run on a time limit and have separate criteria for raids and full wars.

Respect points may be assigned to unlock the ability to build extra features that gang members may use within the gang there will be five benefits available each having five levels of benefit.

More information on these benefits will be provided to the chosen developer.

Gang resources will need to be placed on lock down when a war or raid is declared. (gang members can not remove items or resources during wars and raids)

Winning gangs will be allowed a time limit to choose a benefit to destroy belonging to the loosing gang.

The gang system should include the following features:

Vault (stores resources)

Armory (stores only certain types of items)

Members list (allows for gang leaders to manage gang members)

Attack Logs

Warring stats

Hit list

Link to gang specific forums

Gang chores to provide upkeep for the benefits earned with RP.

A link to leave the gang


Gang Management should have 5 leader positions:



War Lord



features under Gang Administration shall include:

Change Gang Picture

change gang name

change Managers

Application management

Manage Vault

Manage armory

start war

end war (destroy other gang's benefits)

Assign RP

Assign Raiders

Mass mail Gang Members

Mass mail other gang leaders


Mod shall be provided with with full installation instructions, un-encrypted codes, and all SQL information Files shall be well commented for ease of adding additional features and modifications.

This modification shall be made fully available within 14 days of my acceptance of a bid. The coder creating the system shall also provide bug support after completion.

Our budget is adequate for a professional coder to provide this system, and we hope to find one here before moving on to coders who lack the knowledge base of the Mccodes system.

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