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AdvertiseYourGame.com Errors


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I've used AdvertiseYourGame.com both as an advertiser and publisher and had good success with it, but for about the last week all of their banners show a PHP error in place of the banner. This isn't just on my sites, but all others that I've seen AYG banners on. I sent them an email a few days ago explaining this, but haven't gotten a reply back and it still isn't fixed. I would think that a web site owner would at least notice that there have been 0 ad impressions across their network within a day or two.

Another ad network that I used last summer, PBBGAds.com has also been down for at least a month.

I have been using Leet Media also which is a new network that doesn't have as many advertisers and publishers as AYG and I'm not getting nearly as much traffic from them as I was getting from AYG, but they are a good network with a good owner.

Does anyone know the owner of AYG and have a better way to contact him? Does anyone have any other suggestions for advertising browser games?

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I used them for my game project that I had this last summer and I registered for them a few weeks ago to check them out again, but most of their publishers that I would want to advertise on either have a very high CPC or have a low % of US/UK/CA visitors.

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I finally got a reply to the email I sent AYG 6 days ago:


Jordan -


Sorry for the delayed response. We were having some minor issues on our network which have since been resolved. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Terry VanStory

AYG Account Manager

It doesn't answer another question I asked them too. I'm glad that they're finally back up, but worried about whether or not I should deposit more money with them if they consider their network being completely disfunctional for over a week (and wasting millions of pageviews) a "minor issue".

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