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Cronwerks forums moved to MCCodeMods.com!


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Well everyone, I've finally got everything moved over and the site is ready to go.

There are still a few dead links but for the most part it is all function. (including the dev forum, purchasing system, and download/support system)

The site is clearly much easier on the eyes and hopefully will function a lot better than that old rickety forum did.

It is all still managed through registration to the forums, but other than that the mod purchasing is done completely from the main url.

The old cronwerks forums are now read-only and will no longer be updated.

If you purchased mods on the old site, shoot me a pm from the old cronwerks forums with your new MCCodeMods.com account name and I will transfer everything over. (previous support tickets will be lost, however)

Let me know what you all think.

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You can now list your mods on MCCodeMods.com, allowing customers to use the instant download system, for a flat $10 fee.

This $10 fee will get your mod listed, allow users to purchase and instantly download, with all payments going directly to your paypal account.

If they lose the code, they file a support ticket and can have the mod replaced up to 3 times. (we handle this so you don't have to)

Also, if you would like a mass mail to all of the developers currently on MCCodeMods, it is an additional $10 on top of the $10 flat fee. (so $20 total)

If you are interested in either of these options, just mail me here or on the MCCodeMods.com site.

Edit: I've had a few questions, and this fee is to have it listed for life.

It will never be taken down and will always direct to your paypal account.

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