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Year 1920 - Web Programmer for Hire or Partnership

W3Theory || Peter

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Title: Year 1920 - The Game

Website: http://www.year1920.com

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Year-1920-The-Game/198658023510293

Game Abstract:

This game is based around the Prohibition wars in the 1920's. I been working on this myself and paying a programmer to help out but he has been a little slow in the responsive department.

Unique Features:

Some of the unique features would be that it is not mccodes based. It has a map system which will be used for crimes and doing jobs, which definitely goes beyond the idea of simple crimes. There is a skill/stat system which introduces more of a strategy game play. There is a lot of detail into the game and so will need to be fooled around with to get the perfect result.

Technology used:

The code is based off php, mysql, and JavaScript/J-query.

Current Development Status:

So far, the game system is set up and most of the features are done. About 6-8 features are left to be coded and then touch up on how things play and work.

My own skills and Task:

I am a novice programmer in my opinion, I know JavaScript and know PHP/MYSQL, but I do not consider myself to be expert enough to create a professional game that will be played by a large base of users. I also pay for everything and create the ideas, I am just looking for a programmer to come and "clean house" per say.

Current Team:

I own 90% of the game with 10% going to my brother who put a small investment in the game in the very beginning.


This will be up to what we decide on negotiation, since it is hard to give out a flat number right now. To whoever is interested one must remember that I been working on this since March and have put in my own money to pay for most of the graphics/illustrations.


MSN: [email protected]

If you are interested please contact me through PM on here or through my MSN. You need to have a couple references if I don't know you, spare time to work on a project, and know all languages that I am looking for (PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript).

Thank you,

Peter Leaman

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You say the code is PHP/MySQL/Javascript based, yet you are looking for a

Fortran expert...

Find one around here, I'll be tempted to eat my shorts.

AI was not Fortran's strong point; but I guess it has a slightly gentler

learning curve over the possibly ideal Prolog; or are you just copying text

from somewhere else without proof-reading it first?

I copied it from the sample on the page so no one would criticize and must of completely read over it. Which is possible sense I was just going down the list and deleted the original text in the sample format. I have removed that part already.

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I have been working with PHP and MySQL for about 6 years now.

Browser based games are where I got my start. I actually taught myself the language by reverse engineering the mccodes engine and other engines and scripts.

I have never faced a goal I couldn't complete. If I don't know quite how to complete a task I am always able to figure it out with my trusty pal Google.

I have seen a lot of browser based games in my day, but yours really takes the cake. I would love to have even the tiniest hand in it's creation.

Unfortunately though, I am not fluent in Javascript. I have made some scripts using the language, but never anything complex.

Although, W3 Schools has never failed me before, and I actually started reading their material on Javascript a few days ago.

So I have a pretty good idea of how Javascript works, and I know I will be able to have it figured out within a couple weeks.

I actually came to this forum today looking for an opportunity to better myself and my online programming career.

I think working for you is that opportunity...if you can look past my temporary Javascript weakness ;)

I have a part time job working 2nd shift on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Other than that, I am free to code as needed.

P.S. I added you to msn. Names Kyle

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Hey peter. How you doing? We can strike a better deal that won't cost us anything.

If you can re-design my ConvictsUnleashed http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll158/iMarine/character-1.jpg design, I'm willing to put in 1 week of pure development of any requirements you look for.

If not, maybe we can do a different deal? Let me know, you have me on Facebook :P


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