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Well here we are again its like i go up 1 and go down 2 on my test is not working with cron it has the cron feature its just useless.So I thought to myself I just want to turn my game time stamp I want all the timers to time stamp I dont want to see cron atfer im done.Im starting to get piss with cron for several years I dont know whyI havent switched to time stamp sooner

Things I need help

I want to know how I formate it

Also I want to know do I just put it in a php file just like a cron or what


I would be really grateful for the help please dont give me some BS about searching the web or search the forum I did it either it didnt give me anything or it didnt gve me anything I want to know.

I dont care were you contact me at you have 3options.Post it under the forum,send me a pm or msg me at [email protected]

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