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[Request] Item market with time limit to stop clutter


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Hi I'm looking for someone to code me a revised item market. The idea is since the item market can full up with junk. To have a time limit of 5 days, once this time limit is reached, the item is then pulled from the item market and returned to the user. I think all MCCode games could do with this feature. Before asking note that NO cpanel,ftp or mysql access will be given out. However I can test and run an msq updates need for you for testing.

The mod would require a new sql field for the item, a time setting of sorts. A new cron line for the day cron to update the item days and then remove the item from the market and place it back into the user inventory. I would prefer an event also given to the player when his/her item doesn't sell.

Paying $25 usd for this simple mod for an expert.

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