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looking for a good sever


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Im looking for a good sever,all was well with my sever untill i added a shoutbox :( who do use? what do you think is the best for a small timer just starting up?

Website you were trying to visit was disabled for 5 minutes, because it received over 20% of total server requests.

It means that this website was using over 20% of processor resources, which is above allowed limit.

Website was temporary disabled to protect server from overloading and other websites on server.

Please try again in 5 minutes.

yet only 2 online

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Hmm... if you only have two players online at a time, even a $5/month shared hosting plan should work for you if you don't have really high bandwidth pages. Do you know how much bandwidth you've been using?

not to be a ass or anything but I think he is looking more long term not short term which best way to go is unlimited shared hosting that supports crons 100% if you don't want that VPS or Dedi is what you would be wanting to go for

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I have now taken down the chat,it is Ajax you can find the chat here http://store.davemacaulay.com/products/Ajax-Gang%7B47%7DChannel-Chat-System.html the chat is great and i will have it up and running again when i move servers, Im hosting with http://www.hosting24.com, Iam new to running a game so i dont know if its the game causing the prob or the severs,i do have my test site on a sub donmain on hostgatar which runs fine,so it looks like i will host there,still not sure yet, I still have a lot of work to get the 100% the way i want it and as Im a noob i spend more time with the script then having to worry about severs i thought i had that part sorted looks like i got that wrong big time :(

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