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Paying Job Big Mod


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"Death" Have fun with the idea let me no what you can do I have a smal list below of the key things Im looking for



1. Death If Attacked and lose a battle the user Dead you will get a screen that say how much damage you took who killed you etc....

2. Funeral Home where body's (User) will be stored for up to 30 days. You can leave him flowers or piss on his grave :)

Users can choose to pay in game cash to bring there self back or start over

3. This mode must be able to work with my current attack script ( I will send once job is accepted)

You can add what ever you want to the mod go wild with it


Let me no the amount you would need to get started on this mod I will provide my test server info to you to test anything you may need if you do not have access to hosting

I have 3 project in the works right now and dont have the time or skill to code this solo

Also if you need advertisment I will post a free status update on my facebook fanpage facebookgamerz


Polluted Entertainment (http://www.pepimp.com / http://www.biocity-rpg.com)

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Alot of offers but no price yet I will start it off for ya


If you make a bid on this job please provide me with some of your other mods so I can see if your the guy/gal for this job

Add-on to the idea I have posted ++ Have fun with it

I dont read my PMs much so

Make Subject:v2 Death MOD

Email: [email protected] Or just posting here will be fine

More Info
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