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[REQUEST] Attacking System

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I'am currently in the market searching for a "brand new" attacking system. Here's what I'm looking for:


  1. Weapon Uses - Each weapon has a limited number of uses, and once the uses are up, the gun "breaks". I do NOT want a repair system, just specifying.
  2. To note on my above item, I want it so that if I set the uses to 0, the item has unlimited uses, thus unbreakable.
  3. Better fighting - I want the regular attack system look and feel, with the links for attacking, etc. However, I want a secure attacking system,
    as well as a different fighting formula, so that stats such as Guard are multiplied equally as Strength, and Agiliity means more hits, etc.
  4. Secure - As noted above, it needs to be secure. I will not buy a unsecure hunk of junk.


Looking to get this for about $20.

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