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Criminal Syndicate - MMORPG


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Hello, i am a game admin at criminal syndicate.

we have been open for quite some time now.


We are a completely unique and custom coded mafia game.


The game is extremely addicting, the only thing our players have said it lacks is active players.


that is a huge SHAME as the game itself has so much potential and it could become big in no time.


We have active support (3 admins) online most of the time, cendent, bigboss, tysoon, if they arnt online, then we have custom coded forums @ http://www.criminal-syndicate.com/forum/


All links are included ingame, dont forget to come join us!




ALL new players get $1,000,000 each, with that you can get a good start on the game, join the gang "the underground" and recieve a extra $200,000 just for joining, constant support 24/7 in private message and on our community forums, why not come and see if you can be the new god father of crime? P.S message me ingame "tysoon" to recieve your 1mil bonus!




The underground is a main/training gang, you will be moved there after you have passed training, the training consists of helping players gain a understanding of the game, and how to achieve high levels!




You can be a top boss in no time atall!




Are you not a member yet? NO PROBLEM! http://www.criminal-syndicate.com/register.php

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