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Age of Rebellion


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I've spent the last few weeks working hard on a game I'm making called Age of Rebellion. It uses the ezrpg engine as a base, but I've programmed a ton of custom/original mods to make it into a totally unique game. Here are the features I have done:


  • Travel to different locations and cities
  • Hunt - battle beasts on public or privately owned land to earn xp, coins, and items
  • Mine ores
  • Smith - use ores to create bars, use bars along with wood to create weapons and armor
  • Woodcut - use an axe to cut down trees to use for creating weapons and cooking food
  • Fish - use a fishing pole to catch raw fish which can be cooked for food
  • Cook - cook your fish to make them edible and eat them to heal yourself after battle
  • Equip weapons and armor for battle and hunting
  • Market - buy/sell any item at any price based on supply and demand
  • Top Players List - move up in the ranks to become one of the greatest!


And these are the next few features that I will be working on in the coming days/weeks:


  • Battle people on the other side of the civil war
  • Buy/sell/upgrade properties and collect taxes on them (hunting land, woods, mines, fishing pond)
  • Start/join a clan


I'm starting to slowly advertise it now to try to get a few players so I can see what needs to be tweaked and/or fixed, but not so many that things get out of hand if anything goes wrong. Anyone have any advice on successfully launching a new game?

Edit: The error when registering is now fixed. Please try registering again if you encountered it.

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