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Realm of Legends - Open


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Hey all,

Just posting a notice that my game, 7+ months in the making, has been (for now) finished and has been opened for people to register and play.

Lots of stuff to do, a few unique mods and different takes and additions on existing mods and a bit of a storyline in the Quests to follow too that unlock as you complete them. A somewhat different approach to the 'standard' MCC game.

Feel free to check it out: http://www.realmoflegends.com


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A) Not continuous work the whole time :)

B) It has roughly twice as many features as many similar games when opening

C) Many of the features aren't just stock mods, but usually they're modified with theme and content additions of some sort. There's an actual storyline in the Quests area that develops over time, as opposed to just a mass of stuff to do with no real point. Some actual thought has been put into the balancing of the stuff and the writing; it isn't just 'you mugged a bum for $10', etc.

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This is actually a surprisingly nice little game with, as pointed out, features that are not readily apparent. Sure there is some room for improvement, but the same can be said for many products both commercial and privately run. Too many games appear to follow the same rather tired genre, however the author here has taken the time to drop the player into the realms of fantasy which has long been a favorite of mine.

Based on the mmcodes platform makes it simple to pick up; at the expense of being a little limiting in places, however with a little work graphically, and some minor bug-fixes this could easily become a solid platform to build from. The current "mods" are all fairly basic I admit, however again each has been tailored to suit the environment, and there have been a few surprises.

All this game really needs is a decent player base to give the author the confidence to develop it further and to play-test ideas with a decent group of people. So give it a try -- Realm of Legends

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Thanks Xanthia, appreciate the words! I did do my best to add little surprises here and there, and not make it a humdrum MCC game. Feel free to shoot me a message (or email at: [email protected]) with info about any little bugs you may have found or what you think may improve it. I'm always looking to do so, of course.

Also, your link should reference signup.php, not register.php.

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