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My Engine Reborn.


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Ok, I've been on school for about a few weeks. And I've done up my engine. Its slightly quicker than the old one, and much more organised. I've also created a new company. This company wont just be used for my engine, maybe not even just for web developing.

So the company? Its called Relax Development. And it can be accessed from two domains, so far its not been built, but will be soon, but do have links to two related links on it.

http://www.Relaxdevelopment.com - This is the main domain for the company, as it is more professional than the other one, and I do believe it is better for search engines.

http://www.Relaxdev.com - This is the secondary domain for the company, and it smaller, easier to remember, and the company logo will say RelaxDev and not RelaxDevelopment, so when searched this will show, and redirect towards the main domain.

That will show you the new engine, its been fully tested, unlike some others, and should work as intended. (All users will need to re-register as I've used a new password system, which I could actually change to the old one, but heck, I've already removed you lot now. (The old engine has been taken down)

Soon there will be a mobile version which will be released, and then work will start on either a MySQLi version of the engine, or integrating FB into it. Then the other, then the documentation for the engine. There may also be other database versions of the engine, but they will come later.

On the engine, I will be setting up a forum for users, with around 30 modifications for users to add the game, which as you will be able to see doesnt yet have a lot of features. I may also create bridges with SMF, VB, MyBB, and IPB.

In case you didnt read it, and just looked for a link to the engine, visit here, http://www.Relaxdev.com and click the link. I would have purchased Relaxengine.com but it was taken.

Opinions are welcome, so is criticism. Thanks Everyone.

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