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Hello all, i am starting over my site yet again & im not using the easy way out & just installing mccodes , i want to build from ground up. Only thing im asking for right now if some experienced person could just post like first few basic files i need to work on to get started. not later things like explore.php & etc but more so important things like login.php & etc.

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Database class file, if your using one.

Mabey even the databbase, or you could build as you go

Db Settings file

Global include file

Mabey an autorun file

Mabey a cookie/session file

Functions to build as you go

Password file

None of these files are necessary, some are more useful as others, It all depends on how you want to make your game.

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Maybe this is not a file but just something to keep in mind from the start...

You will be probably going to use crons.. :) My advice would be to use timespamps instead... It is a bit harder to make than just cron, but definately worth it :)

My first site was crons.. But I decided to scrap it, because when I first started I was quite noobish, and now realized that I can do much better :) And now I will be making it cron free :)

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