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Coding my template?...


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Okay i'm VERY new to coding but not to designing... I designed up my template but i'm having trouble with the coding. Now i'm editing the header.php file... is this completely wrong? I was told to edit the html and css files but i have no idea how to get to these.

Just looking for a point in the right direction :rolleyes:

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The best solution will to code it up into an xhtml/css file and then transfer it to the header.php file. If you know the right areas, it's not that hard. You just have to know where the menu area begins, the content areas begins and ends. Then you just place the right lines in the areas. I know my explanation is very vague. I usually go xhtml/css first, to make sure all is good then transfer to header.php file

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Okay thank you i guess i'm way off lol. Is there a tutorial or way to explain how to transfer it into the header.php easily? I don't want to ruin anything lol. And for a xhtml/css file i can just do this in notepad right? or should i use a certain program.

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