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Hexery - Collectible Card Game (New Game)


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Hexery is a new elemental based collectible card game (CCG) also know as a trading card game (TCG) played in your browser using Adobe Flash. You can compete in duels to earn gold that is used to buy booster packs full of cards. With the ability to buy, sell, and trade your cards you can build your own custom decks to compete against other players. At the same time increasing your riches by earning gold and completing in-game goals for exclusive promotional cards.

The game is free and just launched and the player base has just started growing and I would like some feedback on the game itself along with the website design, interface, navigation, and over all usability.

The game can be found at http://www.hexery.com/

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My feedback: Graphics are rudimentary at best, the mechanics and gameplay are almost exactly like Magic: The Gathering (right down to the colors of mana, 'mana burn' and names of the elements, like Graveyard and abilities like Flying for creatures), and the duel requirements to obtain the 'promo cards' are a bit on the high side. Needs more time in the oven, IMHO.

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Thanks for your feedback. This is what I want to hear.

Graphics are temporary until we can hire an artist to join our team.


the mechanics and game play are almost exactly like Magic: The Gathering

You correct in your comparison. What we tried to do was to create a game that is fun to play so we decided to use M:tg as inspiration for designing the game along side other popular CCGs.


right down to the colors of mana, 'mana burn' and names of the elements

M:tg does not have names to their elements, they are simply called colored mana. ie Black, Green, Red where our game differentiate the mana via elements as of fire, earth and water.

The elemental names are based on the elements that are found in current day such as Fire, Water, Earth and Air. It was not until later in development that we added in the element of Darkness and Light to enrich the depth of the game. We use 6 elements, M:tg uses 5 colors. Once again similar in concept.

The mana burn you speak of, is an old term no longer in M:tg since they have removed the penalty of holding mana between Steps, a player's mana pools simply empties. In our game players choose to keep mana stored between turns. The mana area is not emptied at the end of your turn like in M:tg allowing players to carry mana over from one turn to the next to cast a larger spell before they could normally.


Graveyard and abilities like Flying for creatures

Extremely common nomenclatures and creature abilities found in more card games then just Magic.


duel requirements to obtain the 'promo cards' are a bit on the high side

Perhaps, there is no argument there, as with a lot of our game and its concept we are still in Beta format and look to make it better while at the same time keeping it fun and fair.


Other features you did not mention is that in Hexery a player can put any card from their hand into play as a resource. In M:tg this is not a possible action since a player has to wait until they draw a land of the correct color. We took this method to help eliminate mana flood or mana screwed.

I hope you will continue to play the game and provide more feedback for it. Thanks again for your feedback and I hope I can get more like this.

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