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Drug Place


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Re: Drug Place

Adding more Drugs:

NOTE: Change all the things in bold, and ofourse change the variables to what you want it to be.

First make a...


<h3>Drug Name</h3>

under it


<td><center>The Class</td><td><center>Price</td><td><center>shortword[/b]']BUY</td></tr><tr>

Followed By





if($_GET['spend'] == 'shortword')


if($ir['money'] <Price)


print "You don't have enough money to buy some Class ___ !";




mysql_query("UPDATE users SET brave=brave+1,money=money-1000 WHERE userid=$userid",$c);

mysql_query("UPDATE users SET brave=maxbrave WHERE brave > maxbrave",$c);

print "<center>You bought some Class ___ Drug Name for \$1000, you smoke the DRUG.

You feel dizzy as a rush of your brave starts coming back to you.



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