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help me with lite codes


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Re: help me with lite codes

Ok I set up my lite codes the other day so I think I can help you. What you need to do is go to the site that is hosting your game, ask them for your "mysql" details. (If you do not have "mysql" on that game I would suggest trying another free hosting site such as: "www.freehostia.com" They are the best in my opinion and very easy to set up) Once you get that information go to (replace "yourgamehere" with your web address) "www.YOURGAMEHERE.com/installer.php". Keep in mind that your web address might be .org or .info instead of .com but you should know that. Once you get to that page follow the information included in the "index.html" that was included with the lite codes. One last thing I suggest doing is learning how to code before you make your game public. If you already know how to then I apoligize for my mistake.

Have fun with your new game and I suggest you look for some mods for it here: http://criminalexistence.com/ceforums/h ... .php?f=1.0

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