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has anyone had this problem?


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i have finnished setting up Lite at last and its running smoothly even got a couple of the Lite mods installed and running.

i have just 2 questions

1] nothing is refilling (energy,will,crime) and i have no clue why :/.... any help at all please guys

2] how do i make a will pill or something to that affect that restores will?


dont forget guys im only using the Free Lite version to get used to it and learn to code a little myself before im purchasing the 2.0 codes

so i guess im not running it to actually be a game but as a learning tool :)

but please help me all you can i've learnt so much and hardy scratched the surface yet!

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Re: has anyone had this problem?

ok im a non cpanel user, how do i setup the cron?.... i followed the installation instructions.

im doing something wrong, isnt the cron file universal where someone can paste me a copy of there cron file?

dont forget tho if anyone can do this for me i am a NON-CPanel user

"NOTE TO non-Cpanel users: To import the cronjobs, copy all the cronjobs into a text file called crons.txt, upload it to your server, then run the shell command

crontab /path/to/crons.txt

, making sure to backup old crons first, as this overwrites any existing crons. Hope this helps."

..... and how do i run this? its very vague :( crontab /path/to/crons.txt

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Re: has anyone had this problem?

in Lite, when the crons are generated for you at the end of the database creation routing you executed, you should have seen two crons generated, these were to be copied and added to cpanel typically...did you copy these? That would be the first question.

otherwise something like make an item called will potion in the MEDICAL type section of the database

and add something similar to this in itemuse.php

if($r['itmname'] == 'Will Potion')


mysql_query("UPDATE users SET will=maxwill WHERE userid=$userid",$c);

print "You drink the entire bottle of {$r['itmname']} and immediately feel like a million dollars.";


smaller amounts of increase could be will=will+(maxwill/100*25) WHERE will<maxwill (a 25% example)

not elegant if you are adding MANY itmes, but if it's the only item you are adding, it'll work.

I hope this was correct and helps.

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