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setting up ??


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I am looking to start a game up but because of past experiences i have decided to post on here for someone to help me with setting up the codes and mods im looking to spend $150-$200 and to get as much as possible that i can now someone over the internet has offerd me over 100 mods but this doesnt seem genuine lol !!

But please can people tell me what they can offer for this i no the codes cost $75 or close to tht so thts kind of half my budget gone but id be very greatful if i could have some offers please

also by posting here hopefuly i wont be scammed again or looking at someone using stolen codes or mods

thank you for your time


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Re: setting up ??

I can set it up, and do a few mods for you, not too sure how many mods, but I'd have no problem doing the setup for you. I'll fix the main bugs, as well as toss in a few custom mods made solely by me, or one of the DreamBurst Studios crew.

Let me know what you think. If you do go the 200, which will be 125 to me, I will set it up, fix bugs, add in a bunch of mods, of your choice from my list, AND set up a forum, from a variety of forums that I can set up for you.

If you have MSN, my name is [email protected] please contact me. I will do my best to aid you, I can help with alot for you. Let me know asap.

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