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PayPal IPN help ($)


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Hey guys

I need some help setting up PayPal IPN on one of my games (Just the IPN stuff, have rest covered).

I set it up a few years ago, but forgot how, and what variables I need to pass, so need some help.

Basically what I need is this:

- Need to know how to set the sandbox account so I can test...

- The IPN response need to work for multiple games using 1 paypal account (have 2 games on 2 domains and 2 servers)

- Help set up a system where users select the Item that they want, how much they want to donate. (I need this data, and the user id back from the IPN script on successful payments for validation)

- Need a way to deal with non-instant payments... or a suggestion on them.

- The paypal page they get to (when they pay), should be the page with Credit Card payment one side, and PayPal login on the other side. (basically I want people to be able to pay without making a paypal account)

Can anyone help me with this on MSN in around 3h from when I post this? Shouldn't take allot of your time and I'll make it worth your while.

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