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USER ID ????


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well basically my games user id goeslike this it gets to 25 then starts from 100


19 nurples Donator: 107 Days Left $36734 3 Male Offline

20 tutsirai $179 1 Male Offline

21 Shadow On The Wall $400 1 Male Offline

22 Infusion $1645955 6 Male Offline

23 gayrich $100 1 Male Offline

24 nyckillaboy $144 1 Male Offline

25 Baron Donator: 2147483642 Days Left $98 44 Male Offline

101 Jash $100 1 Male Offline

102 kinetic_killer $580 2 Male Offline

103 pspdownloader1 $100 1 Male Offline

104 dunks $396 1 Male Offline

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Re: USER ID ????

Thats a good point really. Is there any script to recount the user ids? Dont know if the has happened here but usally happens where things have been removed form the database however it will carry on counting from its last entry. Good to keep the accounts in numeric order. :?

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Re: USER ID ????

There are lots of games, it gets new modifications every week, it hold some information aswell.

You can change the id's, but the logs, etc. will always trough out errors.


lol there is a faster way u just grab ur database edit there shit to the lowest then for user stats and that u gotta do sum other shit :P

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