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Job Rank editing.


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So I fixed my job pay / job stat gains every day.


QUERY ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'jrID=19' at line 1
Query was UPDATE jobranks SET jrNAME='Leader', jrJOB = 6, jrPAY= 50000, jrIQG=300, jrLABOURG=700, jrSTRG=900, jrIQN=1000, jrLABOURN=2000, jrSTRN=10000WHERE jrID=19


That's what I get when editing a job rank.

Here's the first part of my function job rank edit


global $db,$ir,$userid;

if ( $_POST['stage2']) {

$db->query("UPDATE jobranks SET jrNAME='{$_POST['jrNAME']}', jrJOB = {$_POST['jrJOB']}, jrPAY= {$_POST['jrPAY']}, jrIQG={$_POST['jrIQG']}, jrLABOURG={$_POST['jrLABOURG']}, jrSTRG={$_POST['jrSTRG']}, jrIQN={$_POST['jrIQN']}, jrLABOURN={$_POST['jrLABOURN']}, jrSTRN={$_POST['jrSTRN']}WHERE jrID={$_POST['jrID']}");

print "Job rank updated!

Any ideas?

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Re: Job Rank editing.


global $db, $ir, $userid;
$sql = sprintf("UPDATE jobranks SET jrNAME = '%s', jrJOB = '%u', jrPAY = '%u', jrIQG = '%u' jrLABOURG = '%u', jrSTRG = '%u', jrIQN = '%u', jrLABOURN = '%u', jrSTRN = '%u' WHERE jrID = '%u' ",

echo "Job rank updated!

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