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adjusting "left in the streets" Hospital time


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I need some help....want to make times longer....cant figure out........



include "globals.php";

$_GET['ID']=abs((int) $_GET['ID']);



$db->query("UPDATE users SET attacking=0 WHERE userid=$userid");

$od=$db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}");

if($_SESSION['attackwon'] != $_GET['ID'])


die ("Cheaters don't get anywhere.");





$gq=$db->query("SELECT * FROM gangs WHERE gangID={$r['gang']}");


if($r['hp'] == 1)


print "What a cheater u are.";




print "You beat {$r['username']} ";



$expperc=(int) ($expgain/$ir['exp_needed']*100);

print "and gained $expperc% EXP!

You hide your weapons and drop {$r['username']} off outside the hospital entrance. Feeling satisfied, you walk home.";


$db->query("UPDATE users SET exp=exp+$expgain WHERE userid=$userid");

$db->query("UPDATE users SET hp=1,hospital=$hosptime,hospreason='Left by <a href=\'viewuser.php?u={$userid}\'>{$ir['username']}</a>' WHERE userid={$r['userid']}");

event_add($r['userid'],"{$ir['username']} attacked you and left you lying outside the hospital.",$c,'combat');


$db->query("INSERT INTO attacklogs VALUES('',$userid,{$_GET['ID']},'won',unix_timestamp(),-2,'$atklog');");


$warq=$db->query("SELECT * FROM gangwars WHERE (warDECLARER={$ir['gang']} AND warDECLARED={$r['gang']}) OR (warDECLARED={$ir['gang']} AND warDECLARER={$r['gang']})");

if ($db->num_rows($warq) > 0)



$db->query("UPDATE gangs SET gangRESPECT=gangRESPECT-1 WHERE gangID={$r['gang']}");


$db->query("UPDATE gangs SET gangRESPECT=gangRESPECT+1 WHERE gangID={$ir['gang']}");

print "

You earnt 1 respect for your gang!";


//Gang Kill

if ($ga['gangRESPECT']<=0 && $r['gang'])


$db->query("UPDATE users SET gang=0 WHERE gang={$r['gang']}");

$db->query("DELETE FROM gangs WHERE gangRESPECT<='0'");

$db->query("DELETE FROM gangwars WHERE warDECLARER={$ga['gangID']} or warDECLARED={$ga['gangID']}");







$q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM challengebots WHERE cb_npcid={$r['userid']}");

if ($db->num_rows($q)) {


$qk=$db->query("SELECT * FROM challengesbeaten WHERE userid=$userid AND npcid={$r['userid']}");




$db->query("UPDATE users SET money=money+$m WHERE userid=$userid");

print "

You gained \$$m for beating the challenge bot {$r['username']}";

$db->query("INSERT INTO challengesbeaten VALUES($userid, {$r['userid']})");









print "You beat Mr. non-existant!";





anything i can adjust? :mrgreen:

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