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New (stock) Kiddy Kartel game available


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Hi guys,

There was a lot of talk of this simple game being available online but all of the links I've seen don't work. So I've setup a server running it. You can play it here:


It'll be up indefinately. It's stock KK from the book. Let me know via email (as I don't check the boards here too often) if you would like to see enhacements or have suggestions.



[email protected]

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Re: New (stock) Kiddy Kartel game available

Hey guys, I put this up as a free resource to check the game out. Its using the stock KK codebase but obviously there's an exploit or something in the code. I just checked the database and there's a user with 32000+ turns (the max is supposed to be 1000) and $4 million dollars already.

While I appreciate the SQL attack or whatever it is you did to get this (there's no way you would have gained this much cash so quickly just playing) I'm peeved that there are people out there that do this. To what end? So you can piss off the people running the system? To show how "great" you are at hacking some exploit.

In any case, there's two options. Whoever you are, you can let me know where the exploit is in the codebase and I'll patch it up or I'll just shut the server down. I put this up as a courtesy to people that wanted to see the game in action. I don't have the time to go through the codebase to figure out where the exploits are as this was just using the stock codebase (the one thing I did modify was to change the error messages not to print out the connection info).

Really disappoints me that someone puts up a free resource like this and someone has to go spoil it so quickly with no real purpose. It's about the equivalent of vandalizing a subway car with spraypaint just because you can. I should have known better that my expectations of peoples maturity isn't very high.

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Re: New (stock) Kiddy Kartel game available

Just an update, the player who was messing around with the system sent me a PM about it. He was trying things out, but not to perform any kind of attack but just to see what could be done on the game.

The result might be a cleaner codebase that I'll release with some of the more obvious exploits cleaned up so you guys can have a more secure codebase to start from.

I'll let you know when/if the codebase gets updated (it's low priority for me as I have many other things I'm working on) but I'll see about getting a more secure version out there to everyone.


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