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Login Page's $10


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Hi everyone!

I created a few game login page's over the

last couple of days and am selling them for $10

I will be doing them in both V1 & V2 if needed

Right what im offering is:

login page=$10

And if you would like anything changing the price will be different depending on what you need doing

Login & register=$20 Now $15

Same again if you need anything changing

If you dont like what you see and would like me to try and make one for you

PM me and we can see what we can do and agree and a price.

Anyway the screenshot of the login page's is here:




More will be added as i make them.


Anyway just hope someone buys them lol. For any more info please PM me (best chance!) or email me ([email protected])


Please comment on it. Thanks Psychotic!

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Re: Login Page's $10


1. 1/10

2. 3/10

3. 4/10

I'm sorry but i asked for you to comment on them not rate them so could you pls give me reasons for your rate's

so i might be able to make them better and learn from it.


I don't see why the register would be an extra $10

also i admit $20 might be a bit high so ill make it $15 for login and register

thanks Psychotic.

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