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[mccode v2] Building [$20.00]


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Basicly the with this modification you get to build your own houses, before building you will have to buy bricks


Once you have the right amount of bricks you go to the map and pick whitch area you like and click it.


Once clicked:


You then click were you would like to build and click 'Build here'


Once you click whitch one you would like to build:


Then you build your building at it will be displayed like this:


When you have a building you earn daily money from them, the bigger building you have the more money you earn from it whitch is displayed on the screenshot. This modification is good for players and gives them somthing to build up to.

comes with 4 files:







This mod cost $20 and i think its well worth it, if you are intrested in buying add me to msn or email me [email protected] if you want any more infomation feel free to email me. Matt

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Re: [mccode v2] Building [$20.00]


does every user see the map and if someone has a building everyone sees it? or is it just a mod for every user personally?

each users gets there own map.

@ radio_active i'll try adding this for an addon test it out

@ Dylan Thanks.

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Re: [mccode v2] Building [$20.00]


I think it'd be nicer if there was the same map for everyone allowing around 100-500 buildings and users can burn eachothers down, that would raise the price but you would get more sells

don't think its a good idea for a big game but i could create somthing thats random or addon to attack

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Re: [mccode v2] Building [$20.00]

so every building you have adds up to your daily income... and you can build those 10 buildings on just one of the places you clicked on the map, or you can just choose some other place and build more buildings there and 10 more on some other place etc?

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