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[showcase] Flocculate (not a game)


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Title: Flocculate

Site URL: http://www.flocculate.net/

Site Description:

I built this site with a friend a few months ago but due to lack of interest it's not progressed past beta phase. The idea was to create a site that people could use to join teams to work on projects. So for example if you had a really good idea for a game but lacked the skills to code it you could post your idea and find people willing to work on it. It's kind of like the idea behind the joint projects forum here.

I hadn't realised that sites like http://www.elance.com existed before I started work on it or I wouldn't have bothered, but the idea with Flocculate is that people would work on projects and money wouldn't necessarily change hands.

Comments are welcome, I'm more interested in comments about the concept than any bugs that people might find, but all feedback is welcome.


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