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Money Glitch


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so i have this problem for my game. when you make a set(clan). and you dont have the money or the levels and you put in the link to make one. you can not only make the set, but you get $18,446,744,073,709,527,000. full bank.

here is the code:

if (!$userstats3[tribe] && $userstats3[gold] = 25000 and $userstats3[level] = 50) {
	print "[*]<a href=?x=sets&view=make>Make a New Set</a> ($25,000 Cash & Level 50)";
} else {
	print "[*]Make a New Set ($25,000 Cash & Level 50)";
print "[*]<a href=?x=sets&view=all>View Set List</a>";
print "[/list]";


then farther down the script were it makes it:

if ($_GET[view] == make) {
if ($userstats3[gold] > 25000 and $userstats3[level]>=50) {
	print "You don't have enough cash or your not a high enough level.";

if ($userstats3[tribe]) {
	print "You are already in a set.";

print "<table><form method=post action=?x=sets&view=make&step=make>";
print "<tr><td>Set Name:</td><td><input type=text name=name></td></tr>";
print "<tr><td>Set Pass:</td><td><input type=text name=tpass></td></tr>";
print "<tr><td colspan=2 align=center><input type=submit value=Make></td></tr>";
print "</form>";
if ($_GET[step] == make) {
	if (!$name || !$tpass) {
		print "Please fill out both fields.";
	} else {
		print "You just created a new set, [i]$name[/i].
		print "For people to join the set, the password [i]$pass[/i] must be specified in order to join the set.";
		mysql_query("insert into tribes (name,owner,pass) values('$name',$userstats3[iD],'$tpass')");
		mysql_query("update km_users set gold=gold-25000 where id=$userstats3[iD]");
		$newt = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("select * from tribes where owner=$userstats3[iD]"));
		mysql_query("update km_users set tribe=$newt[id] where id=$userstats3[iD]");


EDIT: Fix thanks anyways!

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