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Attacklost Error


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i know I have recently been asking a lot of questions and I know most of the answers now, but this one is one which I have no idea about. I know it's to do with a query (duh) but I don't know which, or how to fix it.


You lost to 1337 Bot. Unlucky, try again when you have trained more. and lost 9.83410511094E-5% EXP!QUERY ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'viewuser.php?u=1'>GurpZ' WHERE userid=21' at line 1
Query was UPDATE users SET hp=1,hospital=81,hospreason='Lost to GurpZ' WHERE userid=21




include "globals.php";

$_GET['ID']==abs((int) $_GET['ID']);
$od=$db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}");
print "You lost to {$r['username']}. Unlucky, try again when you have trained more.";
print " and lost $expgainp% EXP!";
$db->query("UPDATE users SET exp=exp-$expgain, attacking=0 WHERE userid=$userid");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET exp=0 WHERE exp<0");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET hp=1,hospital=$hosptime,hospreason='Lost to <a href=\'viewuser.php?u={$r['userid']}\'>{$r['username']}</a>' WHERE userid=$userid");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET hp=1,hospital=$hosptime,hospreason='Lost to [url='viewuser.php?u={$userid}']{$ir['username']}[/url]' WHERE userid={$r['userid']}");
event_add($r['userid'],"[url='viewuser.php?u=$userid']{$ir['username']}[/url] attacked you and lost.",$c);
$db->query("INSERT INTO attacklogs VALUES('',$userid,{$_GET['ID']},'lost',unix_timestamp(),0,'$atklog');");
$warq=$db->query("SELECT * FROM gangwars WHERE (warDECLARER={$ir['gang']} AND warDECLARED={$r['gang']}) OR (warDECLARED={$ir['gang']} AND warDECLARER={$r['gang']})");
if ($db->num_rows($warq) > 0)
$db->query("UPDATE gangs SET gangRESPECT=gangRESPECT+1 WHERE gangID={$r['gang']}");
$db->query("UPDATE gangs SET gangRESPECT=gangRESPECT-1 WHERE gangID={$ir['gang']}");
print "
You lost 1 respect for your gang!";
print "You lost to Mr. Non-existant! =O";
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